Trade Ethics


An integral part of the apprenticeship program aims to instill in all apprentices a set of trade ethics that bring credit to the profession and the union. Apprentices are expected to behave in a professional manner and exhibit the following:

1. Craft Excellence -Pride in our craft leads to the successful completion of a given job.

2. Cooperation -Cooperation with co-workers is essential. The lack of cooperation shows insufficient interest towards the final objective. A sincere interest in learning the work paves the way to final success.

3. Punctuality¬†– Punctuality is a “must” for all apprentices as well as other employees. Your employer, at a minimum, demands that you be there, on time and ready to work. Anything less than that will mark you as irresponsible.

4. Loyalty – Loyalty to one’s co-workers and to the employer will prove to be in everyone’s interests and is important if an individual hopes to be successful as an apprentice and later as a journeyman. An employer with disloyal employees will be out of business within a short period of time.

5. Honesty РHonesty in all dealings with co-workers, and with employers, regarding the performance of quality and quantity of work is essential.

6. Attention – Attention when instructions are given will avoid many errors. The employer has a reason for the instructions he is giving and the employee should pay particular attention to those instructions.

7. Diligence – Attention and care are expected in the performance of all assignments and will result in a job well done.

8. Proficiency – The LTC training is designed to give the apprentice an opportunity to work on hands-on projects, in addition to making the apprentice accountable for his/her own work. Proficiency requires careful application, continuous study and perseverance.

9. Productivity – As a union member, you must be able to demonstrate competence; that you are a better trained and a more skillful worker than workers in the non-union sector. You must be able to work smarter and out-produce your non-union competition.