Rules For Standby

Rules for Standby All journey level classes will have a “stand-by” registration policy. Participants will be allowed to sign up, on a stand-by list for 1class at the LTC on the first night of the scheduled class date. Registration will be accepted in person ONLY. You cannot sign up over the phone, via e-mail or fax nor can any other person sign you up. Registration will begin at 3:00pm and end at 4:30pm SHARP. Participants must have a UBC Identification Card in order to participate in any class. Participants must currently be on the waiting list for at least 24 hours for the class you wish to register for. At the current time, there will not be a stand-by option for Saturday classes. Official class start time is 4:30pm unless otherwise noted.

The number of available spaces will be determined by the number of notified participants who show up on time for their class. If you fail to maintain your attendance according to the attendance policy, you will be dropped from the class.