Trade Information – Dock Builders and Timbermen

Dock Builders and Timbermen

The pile drivers, dock builders, and marine divers work on buildings, bridges, tunnels, docks, wharves, and other land- and water-based structures. They direct cranes; install large, heavy timbers in many settings; and often cut, join, and fasten metal elements using welding equipment and oxy-acetylene torches.  Marine divers work in a team of dive-tenders and dock builders to do full-time underwater construction.

Timbermen are shorers and sheet workers, core drillers, wood tank workers, and hod hoist carpenters. Timbermen perform the shoring and sheeting work for all underground utility projects, including sewer, water main, telephone, electric lines, and subway projects. Core drillers do all test borings, shot drilling, soil samples and monitoring of water tables for prospective construction sites, providing valuable information to everyone connected to the future worksite. Wood tank Workers manufacture, install, maintain, and clean the cooling towers and tanks of most NYC buildings. Hod Hoist Carpenters erect and maintain the material and personnel hoists on construction sites.


Our Dock Builder and Timbermen apprentices receive four (4) years of specialized training, consisting of practical and theory, as well as welding, both real and virtual, which prepares them for the American Welding Society (AWS) and Department of Transportation (DOT) welding tests.  They will also attend two (2) weeks of field training at Local 825, where they will actually drive pile and sheets along with Local 825 Operating Engineer apprentices.

UBC Dock Builder and Timbermen professionals receive both classroom and hands-on training at state-of-the-art training centers around the country. Initial training for apprentices and skill-enhancement courses for journeymen are taught by industry veterans or industry and manufacturer technical experts. Subjects range from basic skills to new technologies, tools, and/or installation methods. This comprehensive training translates into unmatched productivity by UBC members for their employers.

Safety, a top priority for every Dock Builder and Timbermen contractor and crew, is a constant element of training. Topics include Occupational Safety and Health Administration certifications, personal and tenant protection,