Success Stories

Merph with Elly cropped Merphine Sitorus, Carpenters Union Local 926
2009 BuildingWorks Graduate
“Without BuildingWorks I would have not been able to go through the apprenticeship as easily. BuildingWorks was instrumental in my success as an apprentice. It taught me the necessary skills to be able to compete at the apprentice level. Everything I achieved since graduating I owe to everyone at BuildingWorks.”
Duval cropped DuVal Jones, Carpenters Union Local 20
2012 BuildingWorks Graduate
“BuildingWorks changed my life completely. This program gave me hope, a way out of poverty. I found a skill that I love and the program allowed me to make a future for myself as well as my family.”
 Ginsberg cropped Matthew Ginsberg, Carpenters Union Local 20
2013 BuildingWorks Graduate
“Before BuildingWorks, I was doing construction, but there was no clear future. I wanted to join the union to have a career. BuildingWorks changed my life; it gave me lots of hope for the future.”
 Gregg cropped Gregg Lopez, Carpenters Union Local 45
2012 BuildingWorks Graduate
“BuildingWorks taught me the importance of being early and having no absences, as well as the basics in carpentry. I had a much better understanding of what was expected of me on the job than most apprentices because of the program. BuildingWorks was a pivotal moment in my life. I’m very proud to have been a part of it.”